D. Float on the stream of love (enlightenment)

The best way to explain ‘floating on the stream of love’ is by using an example, that comes from my own life. After more than 7 years of using the Method on every negative emotion I encountered I came closer and closer to my positive feelings. I gradually felt that after fifty years of living in the West I needed to leave. I must admit I had a helping hand as I described in the Frances Papers (see sitonacloud.com), but this helping hand could only be experienced after I allowed to feel instead of reasoning and thinking. The more I allowed myself to feel, the clearer my life became to me. I learned that the only way to happiness is through following the heart. Which means in fact switching off your thoughts and your will. After you have conquered most of your negative emotions, there is room for love in your heart. And the source of all this Love I consider to be God. So what I did in fact was opening my heart more and more for positivity, as the negative things could hardly get hold of me anymore.

Then you suddenly feel or experience what the main issue in life is. Money, possessions or other matters we suggest to ourselves to have are causing only more suffering. There is more fear and distrust to lose them, more greed to get more and more. All these actions are taking us away from our heart, our positive feelings. I gave away almost everything I had, I said goodbye to my close relatives and friends and colleagues. I told them I stopped with the life I lived. Most of them were shocked. After fifty years ‘you should know better’ , ‘what about your pension’ , ‘aren’t you feeling guilty to the persons you are leaving behind’ and ‘how will you survive’. And again if you think about my step the worried people were right. But my feeling told me otherwise. And in all these years I have been learning to trust my positive feelings and their Source.

So one day I made the decision to leave Europe and planned to go to Japan. I made this decision in December 2010. The trip had been scheduled on the 20th of March 2011, which appeared to be one week after the three catastrophes hit Japan. Despite all the misery Japan encountered I still went. My feeling was telling me to go. My mind told me to stay in the safety of Europe. How did I know how to trust my feelings? If I would have been afraid, which I was not, then I had used the Method for my fear. No, I went without any doubt. It felt all right. Every step I took all the long way to Japan, I was in balance with myself. This feeling told me, as if it whispered in my ear, that it was okay. Of course I had some problems to adapt the first weeks in this eastern atmosphere of Japan. Then I was out of balance, and sometimes my thoughts took over and I was afraid. But every time the Method helped.

Conclusion: if you are floating on the stream of love, the positive feelings are telling you what to do. You do not listen to your will. I had always been telling myself that I would never leave Europe in my life. My will told me to stay.  And when you float it feels remarkably okay. You do not worry anymore. You live here and now. You forget about the past. You do not count with the future. You are enjoying life intensively. Each day I am going for a walk, sometimes two, three or sometimes even five to six hours. Every time I see different things, despite the fact it is every time the same route I take. No single day is the same as the previous. Everything changes every second of our lives. There for our life is one great adventure. But you can only enjoy it if you let go your fears, your thoughts, your will and open your heart for your positive feelings. Let them flow and you will float in a stream of Love.

This stream of Love is Paradise.

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