C. Love unconditionally

Love touches us all. Even when you are angry or far away from your emotions. Love weakens our heart. Let dissolve the raw edges of arguments. Smooth away the ugly words that has been unfortunately said to each other. Love is the best cure for wounded people.

How precious this love is between people. Everybody needs love. Most of us are not able to give love to ourselves. We are not satisfied with ourselves or our achievements. We might even hate ourselves for some reason. In these cases man is looking to receive love from others as he does not want to or cannot give it to himself. He or she is looking for love from their partners in relationships, from close relatives, from his or her children or grandchildren. He looks for love as a result of his efforts to help another person in exchange for gratitude, which is a form of love. Or people are seeking love in appreciation of other people for her or his achievements for instance professionally or otherwise. Everybody is looking for love one way or another. This may vary in form from appreciation, favors, compliments to showing love to each other physically or mentally.

This kind of love can be easily given. Opening the door in front of somebody or inquiring at somebody’s health will do. Human love is something we have in abundance and which source will never get exhausted. So we are able to spend this love to our fellow men all days of our lives. And how greatly the appreciation for receiving this most valuable good will be.

Look at people in need who become very emotionally when other people somehow are giving them help. Small tokens of appreciation how small or how insignificant are a gloomy light in the dark.

In fact it is so easy to mean something to somebody and in that way show your love for him or her.

But showing this love to others is demanding apparently a lot from us. We seem to find it hard. In some cultures it is suggested to better not show any feeling at all. Why does the world have to appear so cold hearted. To what purpose are we not allowed to show our love to our fellow man?

The question raises why we seem to have difficulty in showing appreciation to others.
The answer to this question has been worked out in part 2. Negative emotions.

 As seen in the previous chapter all actions are carried out to achieve something with somebody else. The reason for that kind of love is to receive appreciation in return of attention or compliments. Even the love between parents and children can be conditional. In the sense for example that children are not appreciated or loved when they do not obey or do not behave as expected by their parents. So in all cases that love is given under the condition that the giver will receive love in return in some form we are speaking of human love (conditional love).

An example of unconditional love is the love between partners where they leave each other out of love for each other. It hurts to be separated. They love each other, but they are aware of the fact they are a burden to their lives. Their love is so intense and absorbing everything else that one day they decided to lead separate lives. They are doing this out of love for each other, to give each other more space to live.

Or how about the father who declares the love for his son despite the fact that the son said he is hating him.

In fact all shown love is healthy to each other whether it is conditional or not.

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