A1. How to conquer your will

Our will controls our well being. You can recognize your will the moment you feel bad. For example you feel angry because your daughter does not arrive in time at home (you want her to be at home in time). You feel grief when you lose your parent (you do not want to lose your father). You are jealous when your wife is going out without you (you want your wife to take you with her). You do not trust your colleague, as you are afraid she will take over your job (you do not want to lose your job). Each time your will is causing a negative emotion: you feel angry, grief, you are jealous, you are afraid.

I suggest two options you can use to conquer your will. Pick the one that suits you best. As long as it works.

1. Convince yourself that you do not do yourself any good by following your will, just take a look at your negative feeling(s) which it produces.
2. Use the Method To Conquer your negative emotions
Note that you are going to conquer your negative emotions and as a result you will accept yourself in the given circumstances so that your will is going to be overruled. What you in fact are doing is indirectly conquering your will.