A. Conquer Your Will

Your will is causing nightmares and hell instead of sweet dreams and paradise.

Not your neighbors, family, the president, rain, thunder, a graffiti wall, the wrinkles in your face, the color of your car. As long as you do not WANT to accept the circumstances you will struggle. You will be fighting the wind in your hair, the rain in your face, the mud on your shoes.

My will is telling me that I am not satisfied with the fact that I do not own a car. That is why I feel depressed. Each negative emotion is telling you that you do not want a situation. That you do not want certain circumstances. You do not want to get old and gray. You do not want to lose a relative. You do not want to lose money. You do not want to be dominated.

Each day we are wanting so very much. But we do not get it all. That is why we hate life, or hate our government or disagree with our partner or are simply annoyed.

All comes together in our will. When WE change our will negative emotions will vanish.
We will be able to enjoy heaven on earth. The sky will be blue. The grass will be green. You will have room for positive feelings that will paint your life.

We assume that we control our lives. That we are able to lead our lives into the direction we want. That we will be happy or rich or satisfied, if we choose to. That our will rules.
All the time we are overestimating ourselves. Unfortunately we even cannot guarantee that we will be alive in the next second, or tomorrow, or next year. We are powerless.

That is the reason we get angry, sad, anxious, mad, offended, suspicious when things are developing against our will. We do not accept other circumstances than expected.
The only thing we need to learn, life after life, is to accept Reality. This Reality is the real world in which mankind does not control anything at all. In Reality only Love rules the world. Each time our soul returns as a human being we get the opportunity to learn. And if we fail, it is no big deal. Then we will get another chance in another life. Until we feel its existence.

We are looking very controlled and disciplined, but at the same moment we are volcanoes ready to erupt. Negative emotions are driving us to the edge. Most people are afraid of their emotions. And the most spectacular thing is that we are the only ones who are able to control our emotions and let them disappear without ever coming back.

All emotions are the product of our will. We do not accept the circumstances that do not match with what we want. We are getting angry, sad or anxious just because our will says we don’t like it this way. The way our work is organized, the height of our wages, the loyalty of our partner, the way we look, the size of our house, the weather, the government, taxes.

All these circumstances are the cause of our emotions, if we do not accept them. From the moment we accept it, the emotion dissolves. This does not mean we should not to try to change things. This only means we accept things how they are NOW and if we do not agree try to alter them. So instead of losing our energy to negative emotions we accept and use our energy to act!

So in fact our will is suggesting that we can desire and have everything. But some things we will and other things we will never get. Despite our intelligence, knowledge, money. But we cannot get anything we want. We are in fact powerless.

Despite centuries of study we are still unable to be happy all of our life. We made fabulous technological improvements. We seem to understand more and more about the universe. We can cure lots of diseases. We are in control of energy supply. But we remain powerless if we want the real things in life.

Only when we follow our heart we can be happy. Following our will means listening to our thoughts. And as thoughts cannot explain happiness or freedom or God or enlightenment, our thoughts cannot help us getting it. Only our heart can. Our feelings are the key to it all.

The only thing that really matters and anybody can receive is love, but not if we want it! We can only receive it when we conquer our will and follow our hearts. Then there will be paradise on earth for everybody.

>>A1. How to conquer your will