How to create paradise on earth in 4 steps

A. Conquer your Will
B. Follow your Heart
C. Love Unconditionally
D. Float on the Stream of Love or Enlightenment

Telling yourself that you want to feel happy now does not work.
But knowing what you can do about it each time you feel down is a big step forward and learning to react differently than you are used to.

In fact this is the engine of the Method of NihonVision which you can train yourself by following the online course of this website.

Realize each time you feel down that this is a result of your dominating will. A part of you does not agree with the situation of that moment and resists. This causes you to feel a negative emotion (anger, grief, distrust, anxiety, etc.). This is also step one of the online course as it offers you a way out. You can learn how to deal with the negative emotion and then be able to accept the situation initially. Afterward you can have a look at this particular situation and take action out of reason in stead of out of some negativity that controls you.

So what you basically are doing is
1. conquering your negative emotion, instead of resisting circumstances you cannot change at that very moment of your unhappiness,
2. have a look at your will without the negative emotion that is seducing you to act out of negativity.

That is the real issue: following your will is most of the time negatively inspired.
As you are fighting circumstances that you disagree, driven by your negative emotions!

Imagine that instead of feeling bad each time things do not go as you want, you are able to watch your situation and then decide to act or to accept. And as a reward you will still feel well!

That is a daily boost to your happiness, it is waiting for you. Just take the gift and enjoy your life!

One negative thought or feeling less will give one more positive experience room to flourish.
Paradise starts within our own mind.


2 responses to “1.Vision

  1. I arrived here via Twitter (thank you for the follow!) and am wholly and truly in support of your mission, your vision, and your heart! Congratulations on taking such a profoundly meaning-full step toward global consciousness and enlightenment. Namaste and blessings! Elizabeth

  2. Excellent teachings, could help many people we know. Carol & Mandel

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