1.Diary of Experiences

The goal of this exercise is becoming more aware of your feelings and emotions.
It takes seven days. Write down during the day all events (no matter how big or small) that caused annoyance, irritation, anger, sorrow, grief or whatever negative feeling with you.
Write this event down in one sentence only. Do not reason your feeling or to minimize it. The moment you notify your feeling there is pain which expresses itself to you in tension or in a bad feeling.
After several days you will find out that certain negative feelings may repeat. And you will become more and more aware of these bad feelings. These negative feelings are the base for your Tap Sentences. Learning yourself to feel and admitting these feelings to yourself is the first exercise to being able to use the Tap Technique well.


–           this morning my colleague did not give me coffee as he used to do

–           my partner does not reckon with me when we are discussing the choice of the tv
program to watch

–          our son does not listen to me and did want to do his homework

–           my colleague Diane did not return me the borrowed money from me as agreed

–          another motorist shouted at me at the traffic lights

–          I am worried because tomorrow I have to finish the brochure at work

–          quarrel with my colleague because he does not do anything

my partner is going to do sports three nights a week and she is leaving me alone