Step 4.Use Tap Sentence with Tap Technique

What is the Tap Technique

I have deduced the Tap Technique from Gary Craig’s EFT and simplified it. I combined the three procedures to one set of tapping and dropped two tapping points, minimal with the same result. Thanks to that it has become more easy to use and to recollect.
A Tap Set consists of twelve tapping points, which the user is tapping using both his index and middle finger and at the same time speaking out loud a so called Tap Sentence (Chapter 3). During the time necessary to speak out loud the Tap Sentence, each time you tap each of the following acupressure points. So you are repeating the Tap Sentence at each tapping point for a certain time. This certain time is the time needed to speak out the Tap Sentence.

Use either the left or right part of the body when tapping the acupressure points, as they occur at both sides.

Tap Set
1.Karate point KC (at the start of doing the Tap Set tap this point three times and speak out loud the Tap Sentence as many times, next round do it only once as the other points)

2.Start of the eyebrow EB (once per round)

3.Corner of the eye SE (once per round)

4.Under the eye UE (once per round)

5.Under the nose UN (once per round)

6.Chin CH (once per round)

7.Collarbone CB (once per round)

8.Under the armpit UA (once per round)

9.Thumb TH (once per round)

10.Index finger IF (once per round)

11.Middle finger MF (once per round)

12.Pink BF (once per round)

And continue with 1. Karate point, 2. start of the eye brow, and so on.
Continue the tapping Tap Set until you feel improvement or for the recommended time as follows.

General recommendations for tapping
Use the Tap Set once or twice a day, preferably in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep, until you have conquered your emotional obstacle

Tap the Tap Set during five to seven minutes each time; unless you feel an emotional reaction, then continue tapping until you feel more relaxed again.

Examples of Tap Sentences
Example 1.
You are angry at your son, because he is selfish (your interpretation).
You feel neglected by him (your experience).

Tap Sentence could be:
Even when my son neglects me,
I still accept myself

Example 2.
A colleague criticizes you as she thinks you do not do your job correctly (your interpretation). She is continuously making remarks( your experience).
Gradually you are beginning to annoy you more and more (your experience).

Tap Sentences could be:
Even when my colleague is criticizing me,
I still accept myself


Even when I am annoyed by my colleague,
I still accept myself

Example 3.
You cannot understand why your partner does not want to spend more time with you.
You are doing everything you can, but to him football keeps most important (your interpretation).
You feel sad and miserable (your experience)

Tap Sentence could be:
Even when I am feeling sad because my friend likes football
I still accept myself

Example 4.
My partner Ben is watching the television programs he likes, without asking my opinion about it. I am sad (experience). He is only thinking about himself. He doesn’t love me (interpretation).

Tap Sentence:
Even when Ben is watching the programs he likes,
I still accept myself

Example 5.
My son does not want to do his homework. He does not listen to me. I am very angry at him (experience). I feel powerless, I am a bad mother (interpretation).

Tap Sentence:
Even when my son is not doing his homework,
I still accept myself