Step 3.Translate Experience Sentence Step 2 into Tap Sentence

The most important thing about your Tap Sentence is that your emotion is so well described that it recalls your feeling at once when you use the sentence. Speaking aloud this Sentence should do. You will only succeed when you have been using your own words in the sentence. Avoid using concepts instead of feelings. It is better to say: ’Tomorrow it is going to rain’. Than ‘I am afraid that it is going to rain tomorrow.’ Afraid is an interpretation of your feeling about the rain. The Tap Sentence should reflect your feeling, how absurd this may sound. The only thing that counts is your feeling, not your ideas about it.

The Tap Sentence consists of two parts:

–          experience

–          acceptance

The first part describes your experience, the last part acceptance.

First part of Tap Sentence: Experience
This starts always with: ‘Even when…’ and goes on with a brief description of your experience. For example: ‘Even when my colleague does not give me coffee.’
Use the negative experience. A negative experience is a circumstance that recalls your negative emotion.

Another example.
You have the intention to do nothing tomorrow morning for one hour instead of fulfilling usual tasks. You know that just this idea will stress you a lot. You will feel very guilty.

As mentioned above it is always better to use your experience instead of its interpretation.

The experience part of the Tap Sentence could be:
– Even when I do not do a thing tomorrow morning between 9.30 and 10.30

Or if you would want the interpretation:
– Even when I feel guilty tomorrow morning because I do nothing

Note that the interpretation of your experience could be wrong. In that case you are using a sentence which does not reflect your feeling.

Using the plain experience is preferred.

Suggestions for preparing Experience part:

–          use your own words, plain and simple

–          do  not interpret the experience or do not try to explain

–          keep the Experience part brief and to the point

–          check the Experience part by speaking it aloud, if it instantly recalls your feeling it is correct

Last part of Tap Sentence: Acceptance
Always use one of the following sentences:

– still I accept myself

– still I accept myself completely and in love

– still I love myself

Pick the sentence which speaks most for you or recalls most resistance. For example if you dislike yourself, because you find yourself fat, than use ‘Still I love myself’ instead of ‘Still I accept myself’.