Step 2.Write down experience Step 1 in brief (Experience Sentence)

When writing down your experience of Step 1 take into account the following.

It serves no purpose to reason the feeling(s) you wrote down. Referring to a condition (negative experience) is often much stronger than a referral to the negative emotion itself.

This morning your colleague did not present you any coffee as he usually does, when he gets coffee for himself. You feel tension. You consider this as disrespectful behavior or worse you explain this as a way of showing his contempt for you.

So this leaves you two options.
You can either write down as Experience Sentence:
option 1. This morning I did not receive any coffee from my colleague

option 2. My colleague do not respect me / My colleague despises me

Option 1. Represents the negative experience without interpretation
Option 2. Shows a negative emotion after interpretation.

Best to do is keeping as close as possible to the negative feeling, so using option 1 as Experience Sentence. Instead of using your interpretation of your feeling (option 2)

So write down your negative experiences (preferably over a period of two weeks):
negative emotions or feelings of tension or stress or inexplicable negative feelings or
something that blocks you from getting into action. After this period you have gathered a number of ‘bad moments’. Pick the feeling that occurs most and use it in Step 3. (Translate Experience Sentence Step 2 into Tap Sentence)

–           this morning my colleague did not give me coffee as he used to do
–           my partner does not reckon with me when we were discussing the choice of the tv
program to watch
–          our son does not listen to me and did want to do his homework

–           my colleague Diane did not return me the borrowed money from me as agreed
–          another motorist shouted at me at the traffic lights

–          I am worried because tomorrow I have to finish the brochure at work
–          quarrel with my colleague because he does not do anything
–          my partner is going to do sports three nights a week and she is leaving me alone

The sentences above are examples of Experience Sentences. When the writer reads them it instantly evokes an emotion. The words used in the Experience Sentences (ES) should be simple and represent the way you are talking with yourself. Nobody is a better judge than you when your feelings are concerned. To outsiders or even yourself these feelings may be not incomprehensible. This is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that you have been described your feeling as pure as possible. Even your judgement does not matter.