Why are we suffering so much…

Dear friend,

When you join me on a cloud you will feel that the best thing that can happen to you is a complete absence of thinking. No thinking means having the courage to let it all go, trusting that everything is all right, drifting on a stream, floating. The feeling that will come over you is indescribable, incomprehensible. But that is okay. Because the moment you want to understand you’ll lose the feeling and you will land on earth again. Back into the labyrinth of your thoughts.

When you feel this sensation in your heart you know that is all there is. All the rest is an excuse for not entering our hearts. All attempts to try to understand life or our universe is calling us away from this only feeling that really matters.

When we are returning to the basics of it all there are just two things:

You and Circumstances. All our lives we are dealing with circumstances. Fortune and misfortune. Wealth and poverty. Joy and grief. Good and bad. The way we are dealing with these circumstances depends upon the feeling we have in our hearts. When this feeling is optimal good, circumstances do not matter at all.

The only thing that really matters is the feeling we have about ourselves. And the only way to achieve this is overcoming your negative feelings, which are basically negative feelings about yourselves.

So the answer to the question: ‘Why are we suffering so much?’ is because we are just not ready to overcome our negative feelings. That is all!!! And these negative feelings can be conquered!

It is up to you, to make a choice and get rid of your suffering. You are the only one who can make this decision. There is nobody nor any situation to blame for this.

You don’t need to suffer, when you don’t want it.

take care,



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