basics of acceptance (1)

Dear Friend,

when we would summarize our lives we could say that it is one big fight with daily circumstances.
Most of the time circumstances do not match our expectations. We created images of happy relationships, prosperous careers, fortune and fame. We expected love and comfort. We planned to be happy, whatever that may be.

What we in fact do is preparing disappointments. As we know that we cannot control our lives, we still want to stick to that principle. We want to stick to our thoughts and imaginations. The world has to be as we want it to be!

Life would be totally different if we would let go and accept the circumstances as they are. But we cannot. We do not trust ourselves nor others. We do not trust that everything will turn out to be all right. When we would, we could easily let go our expectations in faith that whatever would come is good too! So we lack trust in the Good or God.

This is a crucial point. Trusting the Good or God means allowing something that cannot be understood. It is a feeling! Here our feeling meets our thought. And as we learned to trust our thoughts in favor of our feelings we cannot move on. We stay crippled fighters of circumstances.

So the first principle of acceptance is letting go your thoughts and trust the positive things you feel. 

That is why I introduced NihonVision, to be able to learn to overcome your negative emotions, so that you will be able to make room for positive feelings. Then you will learn too that the feeling you have about yourself does not have anything to do with the circumstances that surround you. They can only influence your feelings when you are negative about yourself.

You will learn that instead of filling your head with expectations and fighting circumstances you will start feeling what is here and now. You will start to love yourself and based upon this love, this ultimate positive feeling, you will look upon circumstances as matters outside you. They can only harm you when you allow this!! (and by expecting you are hurting yourself already before anything happened).

This means too that people cannot hurt your feelings anymore. As the things they do or say are a product of their own minds that do not have anything to do with you. As you are feeling good about yourself!

take care,




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