Love does not need a reason…

Dear friend,

I learned to stop searching for happiness, God, Love or something else. As from the moment you are looking for something you know (without knowing you cannot find it) you make a projection of it (see an earlier post) . You make a drawing and start living by it. You create a definition of happiness, God or love. This image starts controlling your thoughts and expectations. You suggest that you are in control, as you are the one who is searching and exploring.

The image of your future is not only a way of control, but at the same time it limits your vision. I was searching for Love. So I tried to fit my life in this new picture. Each time I encountered a possibility I looked at my picture and looked whether this would fit. I did not listen to my heart but to my mind. Feelings do not fit in any picture, they are unpredictable. The only solution to overcome this is trying to stop thinking. Which is very hard as we are trained to do so.

Do you recognize that thinking is is limiting our possibilities? I hope so.

So let us focus on Love. The moment we try to understand what Love really is, we are lost in thoughts. The way to recognize Love is the moment we act out of Love without any reason. When we are helping our neighbor without considering why we should help him. This could mean: spontaneously saving a child that is crossing the street preventing it to be hit by a car. It is a feeling that is driving us to act. There is no time for considerations. Something wonderful seems to push us to act! That is Love. It is impossible to understand, to find or to keep it. We can only hope that it will return to us. It cannot be controlled.

I am convinced that we can prepare ourselves for entering Love in our lives. We need to learn to handle our negative emotions. Because then we will become more positive about ourselves and others. That is the start, the opening, the invitation to Love in our lives! That is why I wrote an on line course and published it on

So please stop thinking about Love, instead act prepare yourself,

much Love,



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