stop running from the meaning of your life…

Dear Friend,

all of our life we are extremely busy, occupied seemingly in making our lives more happy, more comfortable. But in reality we are trying to avoid confrontation with the essence of our existence.  We are running away in our work or our responsibilities. We are running from the meaning of our own lives. That is why we have the toughest time when we stop working or stop being busy with our primary needs like food and housing.

Then we are asking ourselves threatening questions like: Is this all we are living for?

When our consciousness is growing the unrest increases too!

Only then more wealth, more money, more food, more seems useless.

Each crisis is a relief. It stops us from worrying about the real meaning of our life!
It gives us the opportunity to be busy with our fear of losing the wealth we have.

But the truth is we are not afraid of becoming poor, but facing our life.

We will never find happiness in the things we ‘possess’. I always ask people this question:

Why are you afraid of losing material matters? What is so wrong in being unsuccessful?
Let’s be honest: what does wealth bring us? Where is taking us more comfort?

It all ends up at the same question eventually: Is this all?

Material matters cannot fulfill this mysterious longing for the real meaning of our life called LOVE.

That is what it is all about: Learning To Love ourselves and love our companions.
Stop running harder and harder. Stop trying to do more in less time! Stop being terrified from yourself.
Embrace yourself, look at the fear that is driving us away from ourselves.

LOVING yourself and each other is the greatest achievement of mankind.
All the rest is a diversion.

But on the other hand do not worry, one day we all will embrace this love. Just look upon our so called success in life in getting more comfort and wealth as a detour. Finally we will reach our real destination. Then we will be able to say: Yes, we know now what our life is all about.

take care my friend, love is already in your heart



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One response to “stop running from the meaning of your life…

  1. Thanks Rob! Materialism is a part of American culture so much that if we don’t stop and think we can easily get caught up in the tide of consumption and collection. It’s hard to stop and look at life and admit that the direction things are going will only lead to more pain in the end. Sometimes it’s easier to just not look (for a while at least).

    Thanks for reminding us to look up and realize what is truly important in this life!

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